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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Appalachian Spring and Biscuit #2

Biscuit #2 "Appalachian Spring"

This is my Biscuit #2. She was inspired by Aaron Copeland's "Appalachian Spring" compositions. Her outfit includes a dress, pull on pants, a denim jacket, a macrame belt, and a sheer purple scarf. She also has a pieced quilt her granny made, that looks like spring! Of course, her dog, Spot, has to come along.

Her story is this: Biscuit's cousin, Peony, asked her to be in Peony's little production of an "Appalachian Spring" ballet recital. Biscuit said if she could wear pants, she'd do it, so Granny put together a pretty outfit for her to wear! There's little french knots on the hem of the pants, and the hems of the sleeves and dress are a vintage gingham on the bias. The denim jacket is lined in a whimsical purple print. And she has hangers to hang up her clothes when not being worn. And she has her own Biscuit bag.

This special Biscuit doll is already taken, but we wanted to show her off! There are more pictures of her in the slideshow above. Happy Spring!!


kate said...

LOVE her!

peony said...

Thank you, Kate, you sweetie you!
We love you too!


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