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Monday, June 8, 2009

Collective Wisdom and Iced Tea

(Scroll Down past script for Iced Tea Recipe)
From Bebe: Nothing delights me more than to see young mothers out and about with their little children! I really admire these brave women, who are out there, trying to do it all these days!
One thing I wonder about, though, is why do we have to always "reinvent the wheel"? What I mean is, there really ought to be things we've already learned as human beings that just automatically get passed down to the kids - without having to teach them. Sort of like instinctual knowledge.
I asked all my "mothers" (Hannie Jo, Sarah J., Granny Lil and Dottie Rose):
***** "If you could implant a piece of knowledge into your child, something you didn't have to teach them, what would it be?"****
I would be pleased if you added your own piece of wisdom in a comment. Your comments will be moderated and posted, if you wish. Limit to one or two. Thank you!
Here are my "mothers" answers:
Hannie Jo: Pre-potty trained children would be good!
Sarah J: How to do first aide and be safe, like not sticking their fingers in sockets. Also, how to use their education would be good.
Granny Lil: How to be kind to one another.
Dottie Rose: How to control their temper.
Bebe: After thinking about it all, and talking it over, we all agreed, it wouldn't be much fun raising children if you didn't have to teach them anything!! We all learn from each other, and that's how we become who we are.
What's this got to do with the photo above? Well it all started over a good glass of iced tea. . . . And who knows how to make the best. I'm sharing my "collective wisdom" from all of us to all of you, with the recipe below!

Start with Tetley brand. We use decaffeinated. To add a little "zip", make it with one caffeinated family size bag, or 2-3 regular sized bags. We found Luzianne tea to be a good second choice. We never use Lipton brand because it's too bitter.
1. In the ice tea brew machine: put 3 Family Sized tea bags,(or 7-8 regular sized bags) minus the string, in the basket.
2. Fill the pitcher of water up to the 3 quart "water" mark. (Or: put 7 cups water in pot or teakettle on stove; heat water to boiling; brew tea to desired strength.)
3. Pour the water in the heater part, put the "basket" of tea in place, and turn on the machine.
4. In the pitcher, put 3/4 cup of sugar. (To make it less sweet, use 1/3 cup sugar.) When all the water is done perking, stir sugar to make sure it's dissolved. (It's nearly impossible to dissolve all the sugar in a cold pot of tea.)
5. When it's done brewing, fill your glass up to the top with ice, then the tea. Don't add water to the pitcher of tea.
6. Add one teaspoon to one tablespoon of Fresh Squeezed Lemon to one pint (2 cups) of tea w/ice.

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