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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring to Harvest- Soybeans

Last Spring, it was very wet in the fields, and planting was delayed. But the beans were planted and yielded a nice harvest.  So now it is spring again, and the corn has been planted, which the sprouts should be up in a weeks time!  It's a time for miracles in growing food for the world!  Happy Easter!

Monday, April 7, 2014

April: Languishing Within the Throes of Winter

It's unusually cool this spring, for this locale.  In fact, it's been one of the coldest winters and springs on record.  There's been white-outs, when you least expect it, cold and rainy days, dismal days, dark and cloudy days.  The dog with the thick coat has shown no signs of shedding, which shed in February last year.  The pear trees have bloomed and leafed out.  There are buds on the maple trees with their pretty seed fronds, and there's the little peach tree, newly planted in the yard.  
There is some good to all this cold:  the blueberry bushes and azaleas are blooming profusely, and the lilac bush has leafed out beautifully, after a disasterous bout with herbicide last fall, which seems to be a miracle.
Despite the weather, the sky puts on a fantastic show.
And since it's very cool, still, there is time to languish with a fantastic novel for the spring:
The Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Arnim.
If you have not read this book, only seen the movie, take the time to read it.  It's worth every delicious word.


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