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Friday, September 26, 2014

Even’s Glo’ - A Poem of Longing

When the day winds down
and the clock gets slow,
the daylight dims
to even’s glo.
I sit and look past 
the fields below
watching the clouds lying low....

And wish you were mine. 

The clouds in their splendorous light-
I wonder if you see it so?
Here on earth or in heaven’s gaze
I wish you were mine,
to have to hold for tomorrow, next year.

But you are not here.

There’s the colors, do you see?
Lavender and pink and grey.
It’s in the sunset and the sea.
How can I keep this grief at bay?

Are you in the even’s glo?
I think of the time, when you
were mine, and the places we would go.

You belong to the ages now,
timeless as the sea.
It will be my turn one day. 

But for now, I still long for the time
when you were mine.

Even’s glo has turned to dark.
See the stars in the sky?
Big Dipper, Milky Way,
then comets fly. 

I reach out my arm as if to touch.
It’s only a shadow in the air.
This grief is almost too hard to bear.

It’s cool now and all the colors of the day 
have melted into night.
Like a baby, I draw your quilt around me,
and I dream.

Suddenly, I see you waving to me in the
even’s glo, an outline in the fading light.

Your arms are real now.
You reach, we embrace.
At last, you are mine.

I awake, and know the dream,
We have been here before.
Now I can go, go in peace.
You’re here beside me, and in me,
and around me.  
You’re in the light,
the day, and the night,
as I walk into even’s glo.


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