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Friday, January 12, 2018

Good, Bad, Sad and Glad

Perry sweater pattern by Michele Wang, Brooklyn Tweed
Got my sweater done:)  Just in time for colder weather- maybe!

Just a brief history of time here folks.

Christmas and New Years are over now, which were some good, bad and sad and now I'm GLAD they are over.

Sometimes the major holidays can really get me down.  
They we'ren't as bad as some previous years. 

I love the ordinary days more than anything.
However, I love Christmas colors and decorations.
I love snow.
Of which now it's back-ordered.
We will get some more back in stock soon!!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Hello December! Catching UP

Lots going on here....although it might not look like it.
Fall Plates we've been eating off of all season.
Reminds me of illustrations by Heather Ross.
Isn't this a sweet bowl?  I found them at Walmart back in October.
We had cranberries and oranges for Thanksgiving.  Along with the usual: turkey, dressing, sauerkraut and kielbasa, store bought pies, mashed potatoes and sweet potatos- baked.  MMMMM.....It was pretty good.  Plus it was a quiet day.
Here's the guest room.  More often than not, though, it's my daytime nap room.
This is a Jan Patek pattern:  Lilac Hill.  It is applique.  I loved making it, and love it even more displayed on this bed.
Here's a wall hanging I made years ago--whales and ships!  Love it!
I have a theme going on in this room--Here is my doll walking by the shore.
My mermaid cross stitch.  I also did the framing.  Design by Kathy Barrick.
A present for self:  Bloombox from Bloomerie Fabrics!
Love this color of tissue paper-- aqua!
GOODIES!!!  Love it!
First sleeve for the sweater below-- I'm getting to the finish line!
Bet you can't guess what's my favorite color right now!
Hash browns-- frozen and premade.  See this blog for more about it!
Prepare and Nourish by Anya
A good ending.....
Love this pup, but she sure is a pain in the butt!!
Have a Merry Christmas preparation period, everyone!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

OOOOOOO, Halloween!!!!

A little spooky, eh?
Well, anyway, Happy Halloweenie!!
Here's a fun photo for you- someone decorated their really cool old car.
 Here's the car in real color.  It was seen in a parking lot.
Love this color blue!
Here's my "Witchy-Two".
My Lady Lydia....
Dia de los Muertos.
Good All Souls Day to you as well.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Rainy Day Chat

Welcome to the Banter!  It's a rainy day here in the mountains, and with the rain and drizzle comes the fog... so typical for the fall and spring here.
Speaking of fall, its about at it's peak here, colorwise.  It is beautiful.  The leaves are clearing out though, and they'll soon all be gone.
Which doesn't bother me much at all, because, next is Winter!!  I love winter.  I think people think I am crazy-- who loves the cold??  I do, because I get to wear sweaters, and thick socks and warm pants and coats and knitted hats and gloves.
And, speaking of sweaters!!   I'm knitting one for myself.  This is the first sweater I've ever made for myself.  I think it's coming along well.  I made some mistakes, but corrected them all before going further.  I had to knit several swatches first, and learned the pattern quite well, as I had to start over and over.  My brain just doesn't want to work with me in counting, unless I do it over and over, and over again.  So it is quite a challenge for me.  This is the back of the sweater, it is going to be seamed, which frequent makers on the internet comment that they really hate seaming.  But I have to do it for the experience.  There is more on my Ravelry page which you can link to HERE. (click on the word "here").

The three pictures above are part of my BEE HAPPY quilt project organization.  I'll be cutting the 10 inch stack today, then hopefully start at the machine very soon.
 This is my foyer.  I've never had one before, but I think it looks okay.  It's really not done yet, it's always  a work in progress around here.
 Some mums for you!
And here's my Good Bye Girl.  I decided to put her on display in my glass case.  She's too fine to keep in the shadows.

I hope your day is fine.  I love the rainy fall days.  I've made some chocolate chip cookies and am ready to cut some fabric!!!!     XXOO,   Bebe


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