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Friday, August 28, 2009

First Patchwork - Child of the 60's

From Bebe: Because this is the anniversary month and year of Woodstock, I have been reflecting on the influence of the 60's upon my artwork. I was very young then, but I can not deny the influence that era has had on my work. I was already "making things by hand" since about age 5. Coming from a family of women who valued handwork was also a plus. I think the original "handmade movement" came from any people's who had to make things from scratch, like log cabins and such, when there was no one to make it for them. It was a way of being independent and useful. I think that is why people who make things for them selves are some of the happiest. It is part of our true nature, and the closest we can come to complimenting the Creator. The 60's embraced "handmade" all over again!
Above is my first patchwork- on my favorite pair of jeans. I loved them so much, I couldn't bear to part with them, so made the front and back legs into bags. The fronts are in velvet and denim patches, the backs are leather sewn on by sewing machine.
I learned to crochet from Granny Lil. I explored it throughly, coming up with my own myriad of combination of stitches. This is the one vest that has been kept all these years.
Out of all the values I learned and embraced from my ancestors, it is this: that handmade gifts are always best. They truely come from the heart of the maker. ~ BB


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