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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Stitch and Turn Applique Shapes (Tutorial)

We are going to make some bloomers today! There are many methods to preparing shapes for applique. This tutorial shows you how to do the "Stitch and Turn" method. This is the preferred method for most of the projects in the Hailstorm Creek Press patterns. The photo above shows you the small scissors we use and the bamboo skewer (lightly sanded).
Patterns and finished results using this method. The applique shapes above are from the "Baby Laundry" quilt patterns, but you can use this method for just about any shape you need.
This is freezer paper (Reynolds brand). It has a shiny side and dull side. Draw pattern onto dull side and cut on the drawn line.
This is fusible web. It is an adhesive film that comes stuck to a paper backing. Web adheres fabric to fabric (or paper) using an iron. We will NOT be using this product for these shapes. We just wanted to show you the difference between the two fusibles. Common brands of fusible web are Steam a Seam and Heat 'n Bond.
This is fusible interfacing. This is what we use for our shapes. It has a smooth side, and a side with tiny dots that adhere to fabric with heat. Pellon makes a good brand and it comes on a bolt. We usually use a medium weight for our projects, and sometimes a light weight.
Iron the shiny side of freezer paper pattern to the WRong side of fabric.Place the SMOOTH side of fusible interfacing next to the Right side of fabric with pattern.
Sew along the edge of the paper pattern, all the way around the shape. A short stitch length works best for small applique shapes, especially around curves.
Finished with sewing!
Trim seam allowance.
Trim seam allowance to about 3/16" and clip inner curves only. Clip up to but not in to the stitching line. Remove paper pattern.
Carefully lift up the interfacing, and cut a slit, about 1" in the interfacing only!
Closeup of slit.
Turn the piece right sides out. The fusible dots will now be INSIDE the shape.
Push out the seams using the flat end of skewer. Push carefully so that you don't make a hole in anything!
Pushing out the shape!

Iron the bloomers, following the fusible interfacing manufacturors instrucions.
Here they are: finished bloomers! Now you are ready to sew the shape to your project using whatever method you choose!

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