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This blog started in the "playroom". That's what DH calls artwork- playing. Wish I could live in the "playroom" forever.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Morning - Hello My Name is "T"

Hello, my name is "T". (Forget about that guy in the back, he just happens to be there!) I just want to clarify a few things here. I have to defend myself after the post before last, you know the one where Bebe says I'm a suspicious charachter.

I've been known to be a trouble maker, but I'm not always the culprit. I stick up for myself, unlike lots of others here who are just pushovers. So I have to say something.

I was NOT the one who did anything to her sewing room. She actually does this herself when she gets in a working frenzy. She swears it's the imps who live in her playroom, but it's not really. Now once in a while I have seen things go on in that room that just aren't right, but it's nothing like what she says.

Why, just the other day, I saw something weird and ghostlike that lingered near the laptop computer, then ALL HECK BROKE LOOSE!

Bebe, well, she was beside herself, literally. She was in a haze for about 5 or 6 days. I don't know if it had anything to do with the "ground hog" effect or not. That's where everyday seems the same for days on end. It's been hot, hot, hot. Sun shiny every day. Can't do too much outside.

Well, that darn laptop compter was all messed up! Bebe had to spend hours getting it fixed, and well, she just didn't want to talk to anyone. She started to blame the trouble on me, but I had to set her straight! IT WAS THAT GHOST I told you about!

Bebe's baaack to her old self now. She's not on my back so much anymore. So, LET'S ALL JUST CALM DOWN AND GET BACK TO WHAT'S REALLY IMPORTANT ----


Friday, June 19, 2009

"The Usual Suspects" or: "Playroom Chaos"

A h h h h h h h. . . . .! They look sooooo innocent, don't they?
Especially the one in the upper left corner. That's "T."
From Bebe: I couldn't find my color wheel this morning.
From T. : Like you need a color wheel!?
Bebe: Yes, occasionally!
T.: What for?
Bebe: Well, I have to color coordinate an outfit. . .
T.: For who? Me?
Bebe: Ah, no. It's for Peony #8.
T.: I just knew it. I told everybody we weren't getting new clothes! Again!!!!
Bebe: All in due time, T. All in due time.
T.: ("Sh h h h. Hey, I think she's had too much coffee! That color wheel is right in front of her face on the table!")

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sarah J.'s Quilt

From Bebe: This is a piece of a quilt made by Sarah J. It is very old and precious. It is entirely stitched by hand, and is made from old clothes they used to wear. It is so old, we keep it wrapped up in an old white sheet.

Sarah J.

Peony: This is my Sarah J. Bebe says she is the practical one in the family. She says she has her two feet in the ground.
Bebe: Peony! Not IN the ground! She has her two feet ON the ground!
Peony: Okay! . . . but what exactly does that mean?
Bebe: It means she believes in keeping in touch with reality, not forgetting about what it means to live life daily, without your head in the clouds, like us! Like you must cook and clean up -- Every Day!
Peony: Like making my bed, and brushing my teeth?
Bebe: Yes, that's right. Sarah J. is a very "down to earth" woman. She lived a hard life at times. She used to can all her vegetables. Not only that, but she had a garden, a small apple orchard, and she raised chickens. She used to sell the eggs in town, when times were hard. She even midwifed a few times!
Peony: What's a midwife?
Bebe: Someone who helps bring babies into the world.
Peony: Like how you brought me into the world?
Bebe: Sort of, but not quite the same Peony!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Little Light

This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine.
This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine.
This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine,
Let it shine,
Let it shine,
Let it shine!
Hide it under a bushel, NO!
I'm gonna let it shine.
Hide it under a bushel, NO!
I'm gonna let it shine.
Hide it under a bushel, NO!
I'm gonna let it shine,
Let it shine,
Let it shine,
Let it shine!
~ Author Unknown
If you have a story, tell it.
If you have a song, sing it.
If you have an idea, make it.
There's only one you.
It's your life. Live it.
~ Sarah J.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Raggedy Ann and Andy Made by Granny Lil

 This is the Raggedy Ann and Andy (minus his hat), that Granny Lil made for me! They're a little worn and faded, but my all time favorite dolls!

Granny Lil

Bebe: This is my Granny Lil. This is about how she looked when I got my Raggedy Dolls!
Granny Lil is a drapery/curtain maker, dressmaker, good cook, quilt maker, always happy and always smiling! She also crochets (she taught me how). Most of all, she is a doll maker! She inspires me every day!!

More About PeonySTreet - Why We All Come In a Bag

From Dottie Rose:
When Bebe was a little girl, about 6, she had a favorite Raggedy Ann doll that I purchased for her. She played and played with that doll. One day, the doll was ruined by some water that flooded the basement. Bebe really wanted another Raggedy Ann. Her Granny Lil was making lots of Raggedy Ann's at the time, in all sizes. I told her maybe Granny Lil would make her one if she asked.

Bebe was so cute when she asked her Granny for a doll! She was so shy about it!

A few weeks later, after church, Granny Lil told Bebe to look in our car. In the back seat was a brown paper bag, like a lunch sack. Bebe opened the bag, and there was a new Raggedy Ann doll, handmade by Granny Lil! Bebe was so happy! Granny Lil had already gone home, so Bebe wrote her a thank you note (with my help)! She LOVED the doll! It was even better than the one I bought for her! The doll was just her size, and all the clothing was removeable, complete with elastic and snaps, and an apron! Perfect!

A few weeks later, after church, Granny Lil told Bebe to look in the back seat of our car again. There was another paper sack. Inside was a Raggedy Andy, complete with a hat, to go with her Annie! Bebe was really happy then! She loved both of the dolls. And she still has them to this day.

Bebe: I've made cloth bags for all my dolls because of this - it reminds me of how I got my dolls from Granny Lil!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Collective Wisdom and Iced Tea

(Scroll Down past script for Iced Tea Recipe)
From Bebe: Nothing delights me more than to see young mothers out and about with their little children! I really admire these brave women, who are out there, trying to do it all these days!
One thing I wonder about, though, is why do we have to always "reinvent the wheel"? What I mean is, there really ought to be things we've already learned as human beings that just automatically get passed down to the kids - without having to teach them. Sort of like instinctual knowledge.
I asked all my "mothers" (Hannie Jo, Sarah J., Granny Lil and Dottie Rose):
***** "If you could implant a piece of knowledge into your child, something you didn't have to teach them, what would it be?"****
I would be pleased if you added your own piece of wisdom in a comment. Your comments will be moderated and posted, if you wish. Limit to one or two. Thank you!
Here are my "mothers" answers:
Hannie Jo: Pre-potty trained children would be good!
Sarah J: How to do first aide and be safe, like not sticking their fingers in sockets. Also, how to use their education would be good.
Granny Lil: How to be kind to one another.
Dottie Rose: How to control their temper.
Bebe: After thinking about it all, and talking it over, we all agreed, it wouldn't be much fun raising children if you didn't have to teach them anything!! We all learn from each other, and that's how we become who we are.
What's this got to do with the photo above? Well it all started over a good glass of iced tea. . . . And who knows how to make the best. I'm sharing my "collective wisdom" from all of us to all of you, with the recipe below!

Start with Tetley brand. We use decaffeinated. To add a little "zip", make it with one caffeinated family size bag, or 2-3 regular sized bags. We found Luzianne tea to be a good second choice. We never use Lipton brand because it's too bitter.
1. In the ice tea brew machine: put 3 Family Sized tea bags,(or 7-8 regular sized bags) minus the string, in the basket.
2. Fill the pitcher of water up to the 3 quart "water" mark. (Or: put 7 cups water in pot or teakettle on stove; heat water to boiling; brew tea to desired strength.)
3. Pour the water in the heater part, put the "basket" of tea in place, and turn on the machine.
4. In the pitcher, put 3/4 cup of sugar. (To make it less sweet, use 1/3 cup sugar.) When all the water is done perking, stir sugar to make sure it's dissolved. (It's nearly impossible to dissolve all the sugar in a cold pot of tea.)
5. When it's done brewing, fill your glass up to the top with ice, then the tea. Don't add water to the pitcher of tea.
6. Add one teaspoon to one tablespoon of Fresh Squeezed Lemon to one pint (2 cups) of tea w/ice.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Peony #7 "Summer Birthday"

Peony # 7 is here! She's all done.

Peony: She's my twin! (I'm Peony #3, the one you see on the web banner.) She looks a lot like me, but a little different. Her hatbox is a little different, and her crown party hat is a little different too, right, Bebe?

Bebe: Right, Peony! She has a special scalloped edge hatbox. That thing looks good enough to eat! Everything turned out so well on this special Peony!

Peony: What makes me so special anyway? (I think I know, but I'm asking anyway!)

Bebe: Well, you have several "signatures".

Peony: What's that?

Bebe: A signature is something special that is only yours. One of your signatures is your pretty little hair flower. Every Peony doll that's made has a flower in her hair. Another signature is the tag on your back. No pictures of this will be taken, as this is one of the things each new owner will take delight in looking for when she recieves her doll. You also have a belly button!!

Peony: I knew it!! That's what I thought was special about me!

Bebe: There's more - it's everything about you, how you are made, how you feel when being held. You ARE really special!!! I love you So Much!

Peony: I love you too, Bebe!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hannie Jo's Quilt

 This is a small picture of a quilt Hannie Jo made. She used to make quilts and dresses to wear. She can't see as well now to sew, but we love her so much! She made this one on a treadle sewing machine.

More of the Story of PeonySTreet

Peony: "This is my Hannie Jo. I couldn't say my 'g's' when I was really little, so she's Hannie. Her middle name is Jo, so Hannie Jo. She's the oldest of the Peony Street bunch. Mommie says her hands don't work so well anymore, so she just gives advice."

Bebe: "That's not exactly what I said, Peony! I said she 'advises' us! Wisdom comes with age, and we all should listen to our elders, most of the time."

Peony: "Okay, mommie. That means I should listen to you, right?"

Bebe: "Yes that's right. Now continue with your story."
Peony: "Hannie Jo is the one who wants me to wear a scarf all the time, just like her, so I won't get a ear ache. Peony # 6 "Summer Picnic" is wearing one.  The shirt she's wearing is from an old dress Bebe and her sister used to wear, that was a hand-me-down from their cousin."
Bebe: "Almost right, Peony. the fabric the shirt was made from is a scrap from the dress Granny Lil made our cousin, that was a hand-me-down to us. The fabric from the shirt was never worn. It is a cotton sateen. I loved that dress! I felt like a princess in it!
Speaking of summer picnics. . . one of my best memories is of my mom, Dottie Rose, setting out a picnic for me in the springtime. All my siblings were in school. I was too young to even go in first grade. She made a jelly sandwich for me and wrapped it in waxed paper. She set out the blanket in the backyard, and brought out a carton of chocolate milk with my sandwich. It was a beautiful, blue sky and white cloud day!"
Peony: "Sounds like fun! Maybe we can have a picnic together!"
Bebe: "Yes, maybe we can!"

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Twin

Bebe is making me a twin - she's the doll on the left - without the tag (I'm Peony #3).  Bebe told me she couldn't bear to part with me, so she's making my twin, Peony #7, who looks a lot like me, don't you think!? I like her! That's all I have time for right now, I have to go play and eat my supper!


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