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Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Blankie (tutorial)

"Mickey, Mikie, Bickey, Bikey!" - A Blankie for Your Baby Doll
Finished size: 24" Wide x 28" Long
A sweet mommie I know used to say this rhyme to her little one as he was hugging his “mike”, which was his comfort blanket: “Mickey, Mikey, Bickey, Bikey.” Here are instructions to make a “mike” of your own.
You can use this as a doll blanket or a blanket for your little one. Make sure to keep this blankie away from any flammable source of heat, away from moving parts, like wheels, and away from places where it could get caught in anything.
The blanket features a pocket to hold a favorite toy. If it is a soft toy you can sew a short string from the toy to the blanket (inside the pocket) and the toy can then be inserted into the pocket. When the toy is removed from the pocket, it won’t get separated from the blanket.

POCKET: From cotton fabric, cut rectangle 5" x 6". Fold over the top edge approximately ½" to the wrong side and sew it down with a decorative stitch. Looking at the right side up, already hemmed edge on the top, fold over the edge to the wrong side ½". Set aside.
1.Start with a rectangle of fleece 26 ½" wide by 30 ½" long.

2. Fold over the left long side 1 1/4" and sew a blanket stitch all along the edge. (All edges will be folded over and sewn on the same side of the blanket.)
3. On the other long edge, place the pocket in the lower right corner, approximately ½" in from the right edge, and approximately ½" up from the bottom edge. Pin pocket in place, and make sure the decorative hemmed edge is facing up (not in the seam).

4. Fold over the right long edge of the blankie 1 1/4" and sew a blanket stitch all along that edge, sewing over the pocket.
5. Now fold over the top edge of the blankie 1 1/4" and sew a blanket stitch.
6. The final edge- the bottom short edge, fold it also, 1 1/4", and up over the pocket, and sew the blanket stitch.
7. Lastly, sew the pocket edge (that is opposite the one sewn into the long edge seam allowance) down, through all layers of the blankie, with a blanket stitch.

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