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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Introducing "Saturday Morning" (tutorials)

Introducting “Saturday Morning”

Welcome to PeonySTreet!

Dottie Rose: Saturday mornings were always special in our household. We usually cleaned house then, including changing the sheets on the beds. But sometimes I’d let Bebe watch cartoons until lunchtime, or after she’d cleaned her room anyway.

Bebe: I hated cleaning! And still do, but like to have everything in it’s place and neat–what a paradox! So cleaning is a must, but I like organizing tasks much better. All this is sort of off the point! I mostly looked forward to Saturday Mornings
What we’re introducing today is what we’re calling “Saturday Morning” because it meant a time for fun, and sometimes learning. It was a “free day” of the week. Along the years, I always looked forward to Saturdays, because it was a time to sleep in and do whatever you want to do.
Our Saturday Mornings at PeonySTreet – or rather in the Playroom (!) are just for that–having some fun and maybe learning! Saturday Morning links will be found in the sidebar. We will have tutorials for simple projects and maybe some free patterns!

From Hannie Jo, Sarah J., Granny Lil, Dottie Rose, and Bebe in the Playroom: Have fun today!

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