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Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Simple Valance - Saturday Morning (tutorial)

Good Saturday Morning to you all!
Our first tutorial is for this simple valance, that we believe anyone who knows how to measure and use a sewing machine can make. These are especially good if you need something fast to decorate your window, like when you first move in somewhere.

A Simple Valance

Note: Make sure you read through all the instructions before starting. Some knowledge of sewing is required to make this valance, but it is very simple, so a beginner could do it.

This valance was made with a recycled linen curtain that was found in a favorite junk shop. The fabric is nice and “floppy”, so it lays nice next to the window. It was also already hemmed on all sides, so the photos will differ from what you will make. (The hem for the top of our linen curtain was only about 1", but we hem the new valance using 1 1/2" seam allowance.) You can use any fabric for this valance, but we like to look for something that is not stiff. If you can wash your fabric several times before you use it, it might help to take away some of the stiffness, especially if you are using drapery fabric.

We do recommend you use drapery fabric, as it is usually treated somewhat to prevent fading from the sun.

These instructions are for a window with an inside measurement of 34" (measuring the width of the glass, not including the frame around the window), and a curtain rod that measures 41", which does include the framework around the window. You can adjust these measurements to your own windows, by adding 3" to width and 5 1/2" to the length (3" for hems+
2 1/2" for rod pocket) to YOUR DESIRED FINISHED MEASUREMENT.

General Instructions: We started with a piece of fabric that was 65" wide and 25" long. (The width of the fabric will be placed horizontally on your window, of course.) The hems are 1 ½" all the way around. The rod pocket, which is where you place your curtain rod, is 2 ½", and there is approximately 10" on both sides of the rod pocket that are not sewn. This sounds confusing, but you will see a photo below showing what this means.

1. Choose fabric. Wash if necessary. For one valance, cut a rectangular piece that measures 65" wide, by 25" long. Starting with the top and bottom hems, fold over and press 1/4" first, then fold over and press 1 1/4", Wrong Sides Together (WST). Sew hem down, close to the first folded edge.
2. Now sew the side hems in the same manner.

3. Now you have a rectangular piece that measures approximately 62" wide by 22" long.

4. Make the Rod Pocket. Measure 10" in towards the middle of the top from each end. This is your starting and ending points for sewing the pocket. Fold over the top 2 ½" and press, leaving the 10" on each end unpressed. Sew along the edge of the hem, to make the pocket.

5. Insert curtain rod and hang.

Photo above shows right side of valance before hanging
Photo above shows wrong side of valance before hanging

6. We like to tie up the middle with a bow, or as we did with the linen curtain, with a wreath that is tied with a ribbon.

Introducing "Saturday Morning" (tutorials)

Introducting “Saturday Morning”

Welcome to PeonySTreet!

Dottie Rose: Saturday mornings were always special in our household. We usually cleaned house then, including changing the sheets on the beds. But sometimes I’d let Bebe watch cartoons until lunchtime, or after she’d cleaned her room anyway.

Bebe: I hated cleaning! And still do, but like to have everything in it’s place and neat–what a paradox! So cleaning is a must, but I like organizing tasks much better. All this is sort of off the point! I mostly looked forward to Saturday Mornings
What we’re introducing today is what we’re calling “Saturday Morning” because it meant a time for fun, and sometimes learning. It was a “free day” of the week. Along the years, I always looked forward to Saturdays, because it was a time to sleep in and do whatever you want to do.
Our Saturday Mornings at PeonySTreet – or rather in the Playroom (!) are just for that–having some fun and maybe learning! Saturday Morning links will be found in the sidebar. We will have tutorials for simple projects and maybe some free patterns!

From Hannie Jo, Sarah J., Granny Lil, Dottie Rose, and Bebe in the Playroom: Have fun today!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Appalachian Spring and Biscuit #2

Biscuit #2 "Appalachian Spring"

This is my Biscuit #2. She was inspired by Aaron Copeland's "Appalachian Spring" compositions. Her outfit includes a dress, pull on pants, a denim jacket, a macrame belt, and a sheer purple scarf. She also has a pieced quilt her granny made, that looks like spring! Of course, her dog, Spot, has to come along.

Her story is this: Biscuit's cousin, Peony, asked her to be in Peony's little production of an "Appalachian Spring" ballet recital. Biscuit said if she could wear pants, she'd do it, so Granny put together a pretty outfit for her to wear! There's little french knots on the hem of the pants, and the hems of the sleeves and dress are a vintage gingham on the bias. The denim jacket is lined in a whimsical purple print. And she has hangers to hang up her clothes when not being worn. And she has her own Biscuit bag.

This special Biscuit doll is already taken, but we wanted to show her off! There are more pictures of her in the slideshow above. Happy Spring!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Love Joey + Rory!! Yay- they won Top New Vocal Duo!

Aw, shucks! I love this pair! You have GOT to listen to their songs! They are a singer/songwriter duo. They get to my little pea-pickin' heart!
Vote for them as Favorite New Artist for the Academy of Country Music Awards, April 18, 2010.
You can also visit their website and find out when and where they will be in concert.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Visit Retronona

Dolls from Retronona
Here's what Retronona has to offer!
She makes wonderfully cute soft cloth dolls, animals and quilts, not to
mention clothing too! This link will take you to one of her current cute dolls on Etsy! And, close to my heart are her vintage items for sale. I wonder why
I like that Biscuit tin!


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