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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thank You, Susan Branch - "Autumn" Book Review

Okay, we're ready now- Lill Annie, my Hot Cocoa and book
Hello dear readers. It has been 17 days since Dottie Rose
passed away. My heart remains heavy and sad, but some
of the sting of loss has lessened. There is comfort for those
who have lost a loved one, which Dear God provides, I can
assure you.
Today, I wish to share with you my review of a book by
Susan Branch. If you are at all having a sad time in your
life, you should visit her blog and website. She proclaims
to have the "happy gene", and I believe she really does.
This is not to say that she is not like everyone else, that there
are times when sad things happen, but her expression of
life is so joyful, that she can carry you along to loftier
places- because she chooses to! I just can’t tell you how
many times I have felt sad and have read her blog entry
for the day, and have gotten a lift! It’s like comfort and
a hug, whenever you need one.

On to the book: Autumn. I have seen on her blog, that
unfortunately this one is out of print, so I am glad I bought
this one last year. I have taken a few pictures of some
of the pages, with my lovely assistant, Lill Annie #1.
(You can get Lill Annie # 2 HERE.)

All of Susan’s books are like this one, beautifully illustrated
and written by the author. Now THAT, my friend, is a
real treat! She has written many books, so you’ll be able
to find them in bookstores and used bookstores too.

Another of her books I am going to treat myself to is her
new book about her trip to England earlier this year. She
is working on it now and you can see bits and pieces of it
on her blog.
The cookbook is a real treat, as I’ve said. The recipes are
easy to follow, the results tested and approved! Lots of the
recipes have a gourmet touch, to make them interesting and
extra special. The Cocoa mix is the best- I drink it all winter.
Making the marshmellows was fun. I rate Susan’s books as a 12
better than 10 – as the best gift books to give any woman on your
list- mother, sister, friend or yourself!

And thank you Susan for sharing your life with us!
It has helped me for many a time to get through what
ever I was going through!


Kiki Nakita said...

Great post! I love Susan Branch's books. Looking forward to getting A Fine Romance book soon.

Bebe said...

Thank you, Kiki, for your comment! I have recieved my copy of A Fine Romance book by Susan, and it is sOOOO wonderful!! It is really a treat-- I think it's her best work yet. You will not regret buying that book!! It is going to be one I treasure for the rest of my life. It's full of illustrations and photos and seems easier to read than some of her other books, because the pages are cream colored and matte, rather than glossy--so no glare. The book is a pleasure to hold in your hands. I plan to make a cloth book cover for mine-- hopefully I'll post a tutorial how to make a cover-- one of these days!!


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