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Friday, September 9, 2011

It was on a day like this......

I had lunch with Mary Jane today, on the front porch.......

....and I couldn't help thinking about what happened on a day like this, ten years ago.......

I'd just finished the two blocks below in my "Women's Voices" quilt (a civil war era quilt).  This block is called the "tombstone" block.  Women used this block to commemorate their loved ones in quilts.
I used my blocks to commemorate those who died that day.
It's my permanent reminder of marking that day, for me, in my quilting history and world event.  It is my very best quilt.  It's been looked at by judges and I was told the hand quilting is "exquisite."
So, I'm marking this day- September 9th, 2011 (two days early for the actual anniversary), with my lunch with Mary Jane, on the porch, with the flag flying, in the beautiful air and light.  And saying a prayer of blessing for those left behind, and a prayer for those who've passed from this world.
Dottie Rose always told me "Roses are for Rememberance."
Here are roses for you and in rememberance of those we have loved and lost.

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