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Monday, April 8, 2013

Candy Flower Magic

Am extremely homesick today.  Maybe, just maybe, these
Candy Colors will make me feel better. 
I found this piece of Grandma's Flower Garden piecework
on Ebay years ago, and have never known just what to do with it.
The blues just got me today, and then I had a brainstorm.
This window was just too bare.
All I did was fold over one edge of the piece and sewed it
down to make a casing, using a Long stitch length, in case there
comes a time to take it down and use it for something else, the stitching will be
easy to remove.
It needed the little "V" in the middle, like my other valances, so I found:
a Vintage Turtle pin, which I used as a younger child. (I'm an "older child" now!)
 I simply pinned up the middle just a little.
I like the way the turtle shell echos the hexagons in the
Grandmother's Flower Garden patchwork.

These are some of the bears in the corner chair.
This little one is only about 2 inches high.  I made this little one
several years ago.  It's so small, it's a wonder it hasn't been lost.
And, holding up the corner, is a wooden church box.
I really think the person who made this patchwork really
understood what a Grandmother's Flower Garden patchwork
ought to look like.
It really captures the wildly bright colors I love in flowers.
Above:  Flowers from my garden: Red Rose, Purple Zinnia,
Coral Zinnia, Pink Peony, and Orange Zinnia.
The valance is hanging on the window that you see going upstairs
to the Playroom (sewing room). 
Will it cure my "blues"?
I pray it works it's magic.
You have to get up and do something when you
are missing someone or something or someplace.
Make something new, rearrange the furniture,
go play with color, even if it's your kids' crayons.
What else would be fun is to buy yourself a
set of watercolors- I like Windsor and Newton colors -
and a couple paintbrushes and some watercolor paper.
Then Play with Colors.
It's the best medicine.

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