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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Makin' Yo-Yo's..........Yo-Yo Tutorial

A Yo-Yo is made from a circle of fabric, (your choice of size), and is gathered into a circle, that becomes half ithe size of the original circle. These were first popular during the 1930's, and women made entire quilts, pillows, etc from them.

This is my way of making them, which I think works out pretty well. I don’t like using the Clover tool to make Yo-Yo’s, but some people love this tool. I feel it’s too clumsy and takes too long.
All you need to make them is a circle pattern (mine is approximately 3 inches in diameter- it makes a 1 ½ inch diameter finished Yo-Yo);  Needle, thread, and scissors.

Thread your needle, making sure your thread is doubled, and make a knot in the end.
Turn your fabric circle, wrong side facing you, and turn a 1/4 inch of the edge of the fabric to the wrong side– see photo. Insert needle from the wrong side up into the right side at the very edge- approximately 1/8 inch from the edge. This is critical, because you’re going to sew a running stitch all along this edge- 1/8 inch from the folded edge. You want to do this because it will make a difference in how your finished Yo-Yo looks. 
 If you don’t sew it close to the folded edge, the center of the Yo-Yo will be bunched up in the middle. I think the Yo-Yo’s look best when the center is all even, and it’s okay if there is a sort of "hole" left in the middle when you’re done. (You’ll see this in photos below.)
While sewing around the circle, you can gather it as you go, and also punch in the middle of it. When you get to the starting point, end with the needle going from the inside to the OUTSIDE of the circle.
 Pull thread tightly to gather, and also flatten the circle as you go, making sure all sides are equal –i.e. the center gathers end up in the very middle of the Yo-Yo. 
Again, pull tightly, and sew several tack stitches up and down through the gathers to secure.
End with needle on back of Yo-Yo and secure some stitches and tie a knot to end.
(**Please note:  I've made these assuming you'll be placing them face up  onto another piece of fabric.  If you are going to attach them side by side, without a fabric underneath, don't sew a securing stitch underneath as I have, but secure your ends on the top, somewhere through the gathered fabric.**) 
Note how the Yo-Yo is now flattened. Have fun making your Yo-Yo’s. (I’ve got a little secret for you– I’m using these in a new project– coming soon!)

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