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Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Baby Quilt

Baby Quilt
designed by Elizabeth Hartman
made by Bebe
This turned out pretty good! It is a pattern by Elizabeth Hartman, called "Simple Modern Baby Quilts". It can be bought as a pdf immediately downloadable pattern, or a paper pattern. You can find it here. Finished size is about 40 inches square.
I got this pattern because I needed something quick and easy. It was fun to make. One thing I like to do on quilts is round the corners because I really don't like mitering corners on the binding. This is nice to do on a child's quilt, because there is no pointed corner to poke them in the eye. I also like to use a polka dot or striped fabric on the binding for a child's quilt for the "fun" factor. Cute!
I found this pattern at Pink Chalk Fabrics website. I really like their patterns and fabrics for sale. Check it out!


kate said...

very cute!!!

peony said...

Thank you, Kate! Love your blog-website! BB


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