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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cookbook Review: "Pit Stop in a Southern Kitchen"

PeonyStreet Rating: 5 Stars!
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We love this cookbook! Here's why:
First of all, we like cookbooks that also have some person stories included with the recipes. This one has little vignettes written by the Grandmother of Nascar racing legends, Dale Earnhardt and mother of Jeff Gordon. We usually pick cookbooks that have picture of the prepared recipes, and this one doesn't, BUT, and this is a big but(!), we don't need photos with this one--they are so easy to follow, you don't need pictures.
The second, and most important reason is the recipes are simple, easy to follow, and everything we've tried so far has been delicious! The recipes don't need any "tweaking"--they are great as they are! They are wonderful for a person who doesn't cook gourmet foods, or who doesn't cook experimentally (like Bebe!) All the experimentation has been done already! We have no doubt that every recipe in this book will come out perfect and yummy! Bebe especially looks forward to trying the recipes out because she, well, she's not a great cook, but she can follow these recipes and do just fine!
So far, we have tried the Beer Weiners, (yes, beer weiners! They are great!); the Sundrop Pound cake; Grandma Houston's Chow Mein (love it!); and the Crockpot Turkey Breast. Thank you to Martha and Carol for sharing your recipes!! You are the best!!

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