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Monday, June 13, 2011

What In The WORLD Have I Been Up To Lately???

Crossed Flowers Block- Jan Patek
Moda- Basket Bounty

Basket Bounty Month 1
"Lill Annie"

Sometimes I feel like the rat on the wheel, just spinning round and round in circles, never getting enough creative stuff done to satisfy my soul. There's things been happening- like sickness and just busy stuff-- and OH BOY-- there was a major Computer Disaster.
Despite all that, I steal away to the Playroom whenever I can and have  been able to accomplish SOME things (as seen above).  
1.  Finished another of the Jan Patek Mystery Quilt Blocks from 2010- the Miami Valley Album Quilt.
2.  Moda's Basket Bounty- and it's using Jan Patek's Lilac Hill fabric and Moda's Dragonfly fabric.
3.  And now- my new little addition--
I'm calling her Lill Annie, after my much beloved Grandmother-- Granny Lill.  Granny Lill was the one who made me my first handmade Ann and Andy dolls which I love so much.  I still have them to this day.  Well, Granny Lill made a LOT of Raggedy Ann's in her day-- of all sizes.  
So this one is dedicated to her! 
It's been dog-gone HOT already here this summer--
Hope it's Cool where You are!

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