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Friday, September 28, 2012

Pennsylvania Redwork - Unfinished Business

Looks a little bit Christmas-y, doesn't it?
Life has a way of slowing you down sometimes.
I dug out this project I started a few years back,
looking for some mindless task to keep me-self occupied.
It's been on my mind lately, because it's unfinished business.
There's things I want to finish, just for the fact that I don't
like loose ends.
The pattern and fabric are from a kit I got years
ago- just had to have it because of all the bright colors.
This is a very ambitious project.
It's Pennsylvania Redwork, designed by Ann Kennedy, and
it was published by Labors of Love.  I can't find them
anymore.  I think they sold a lot of these kits, but I've never
seen one of them finished.

Quilt is 82" wide by 102" long.
The quilt involves LOTS of little pieces.  I thought at first,
that I'd be able to applique by needleturn, but they were
just too small.  Fusible machine applique was my only option.
Here are a few of the center blocks.

Sometimes I still feel as empty as this chair inside,
due to the loss of my mother.
But I'll keep going and one day I'll have this quilt finished
and hanging upon my wall.
It will remind me that love endures
no matter what happens.


Karen said...

I don't ever remember this quilt pattern but it will be a beauty when finished. I like the applique blocks.

Bebe said...

Thank You Karen! This is one of those quilts that I just had to make, no matter how much work it is. I can no longer find "LaborsofLove.com". The quilt pattern was out of Drums, PA. They put out LOTS of brightly colored fabric quilt kits using Jan Patek patterns-- Just proves the point that if you see something you like- you'd better buy it now, because it may not, and likely won't be there tomorrow!


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