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Monday, October 8, 2012

The Yellow Farmhouse Cookbook - Review - One of My Most Favorite Cookbooks

While we're anxiously awaiting the results of National Banana Pudding
Contest,  (Update:   The winner is Stephanie Lutz of Spring Hill, TN.  Her recipe is entitled "Fosters Banana Pudding."  So far, have not found if she's sharing her recipe or not.)
 I want to tell you about my "secret weapon".
I love this cookbook!
I love reading this book and the recipes are reliable.
And they involve science.  I like science!
Plus, it has the word "farmhouse" in it.  I have a thing for farmhouses.

Yeah, you guessed the author- Chris Kimball.  Author of Cooks Illustrated,
Cooks Country magazine and Lots of cookbooks.  And he's head of America's Test Kitchen.  He also
Here's a photo of some of the pages - Applesauce -
There's tapioca recipes-- a subject food that's near and dear to my heart....
And- biscuits... I love to write in my cookbooks- that makes them
special to me- and these are the books I know I'll keep forever.
I refer to this one a lot, and as long as you follow the recipes as
they are written, you'll have success.  There are no photographs in the book, but you
don't need them.  I've had a 100% success rate using these recipes as written.
This is one is obviously rated a 10-- even for beginners- because
techniques and the reasons why you do what you do, are
explained.  Ingredients are also easy to find.
Happy cooking!

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