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Friday, October 5, 2012

National Banana Pudding Festival & Hickman County, TN Quilt Show

Let's Go to the Banana Pudding Festival!
Click on the banner to go the website for full details.  
$4.00 admission fee, free parking, $3.00 to go into the Puddin' Path.

They also have a quilt show!  I think the quilt show is free.
I attended the first annual Festival and really
had a great time!
There's a pudding contest- where you pay $3.00 to taste the
competetors puddings  (organizations raising funds), then put money in a jar as to who's you
think is best-- that's the Puddin' Path.  This starts at 11:00 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 6.
 (Click on Puddin' Path for full details)
If you LOVE banana pudding- you will want to participate in this event. 
The quilt show is in town at a church and it is well worth going to!!
The first year they had all these antique quilts on display!  There are some amazing quilter's in this area. Here's a few for you to look at from the 2010 show:

Going to Centerville is a nice drive, into a rural part of MIddle TN.  About
an hour's drive southwest of Nashville, TN.
See you there!


Karen said...

A strange name for a quilt show. Makes you want to go just to check it out. Wonder how they came up with the name.

Bebe said...

Yes-that would be strange :). I should have separated the title of each in the post-
The quilt show is the "7th Annual Hickman County Quilt Guild Show."
It happens to take place the same Day as this year's "Third Annual National Banana Pudding Festival."
Both happened this past weekend in Centerville, TN. They coordinate their activities so people have a lot to see in their town- the first weekend of October. There's also a great car show downtown. The National Banana Pudding Contest is held at the high school, where contestants make their recipes in front of a live audience, and are then judged by a panel. They haven't announced the winner yet on the internet anywhere-that I can find-yet. The first year's winner was from Conneticut. It's a great small town festival.


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