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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Why God Made Colors.....

I can't say that I really know the mind of God.  I actually only have theories about why He made colors.  I think He gave us colors because He loves us.  Colors are a gift to us.  And speaking as a person who Loves color, works with color,  plays with color, it makes my heart feel better about the world, and it humbles me to think of all the Good Things He has given us.
Colors are like a balm in Gilead.
There are so many fantastic fabric designers in the world today.  Some new ones to the Moda world of fabrics are Lauren and Jessi Jung.  Click here to read their blog.  Yes.  It was me.  I won a jelly roll of their new line- Birds & Berries.  (BTW- I'm NOT getting paid or otherwise to mention them in my blog. I really did win this in a random drawing.)  If you love color, and pattern and detail, you should run to your nearest quilt fabric store and treat yourself to some of this gorgeous eye candy.  I guarantee you it will make you feel better.   Digital photography is great, and if you don't have a quilt shop near you, it's the next best thing to being there, but there's just no comparison to touching, seeing, feeling the FABRIC and seeing it with your own eyes in different light.  Trust me-- just GO and see for yourself!  Your life will just not ever be the same as when you are viewing textiles, paints, paintings- ANYTHING handmade or artistic or sculpted- in person.  Your life will be forever changed when you see something authentic- the real thing- not just a photograph.
Thank you to all the designers who give us wonderful colors and patterns to work with in our lives.
And thank you, God, for making all those wonderful colors!
Photos:  1-5:  Lauren and Jessi Jung's Birds & Berries fabric; 6: Fig Tree & Co., Joanna Figueroa's California Girl;  7: My thread spools; 8-9: Joanna Figueroa's Tapestry; 10: Jan Patek's Lilac Hill, with my vintage Singer; 11:  Joanna Figueroa's Tapestry.

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