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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sommarhus Apron

Sommarhus Apron
New 3/4 length apron design.
Same criss-cross - No Tie - over the head and arms through design,
like the Farmhouse Apron, only shorter.
Will hit to mid thigh on most people.
I LOVE this apron!
I want to wear it all day.
It's perfect for the warmer weather.
"Sommarhus" is Swedish for "Summer House",
which is a place to vacation in the summer months.
Fit is the same as for the Farmhouse Apron, these are measurements OVER
your clothing.
Medium: 34-36 inches
Large: 38-40 inches
X Large: 42-44 inches
XXLarge: 46-48 inches
XXXLarge: 50-52 inches

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