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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Are You Ready for the Oscars? Camellia Is!

I have this fascination with fashion, and it reaches it's peak around the Oscar's.

The creation of my folk art doll, "Camellia", is an expression of that fascination.  I could never wear these dresses, I'm not that 36-24-36 kind of gal, but this lady can sure wear it!

She's pink and sassy, with a boatneck neckline, held together over the shoulder with bits of velvet.  Her belt. . .

. . .is a fragment of a fancy trim, circa 1950's, from Dottie Rose' sewing trims;
her dress fabric a shiny pink, satin-like, also from Dottie. 

Dress back.  

Now lets look at that headdress!

A variety of cotton and brocade- can you recognize
the Kaffe Fassett print?  The center is a button from a bygone
article of clothing.

She's also wearing a "pearl" necklace and earrings from Dottie's old jewelry collection.  This is why "Camellia, Going to the Oscars" is not for sale.
Camellia in her evening dress.

Back view.


Latino Camellia, "Mi Corazon".

Dressed to go out for the evening, in nothing I could ever wear.  I live on a farm, in the country.  So I live through Camellia vicariously.  She can go anywhere!

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