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Tuesday, January 12, 2016


It's Going to Snow--Today!

Okay, so it was 70 degrees here on the 15th of December.  It's never been this warm at this time of year, ever, as long as I've lived anywhere near or above the Mason Dixon line.  It's ALWAYS been cold-er by Halloween. At least 30 degrees.colder.  I'm not very old, but you can't tell me things haven't changed in the last 50 years.  Oh yes, the weather was v-e-r-y un-usu-al. Wearing sandals with thick socks, but still keeping my feet warm.
I bet most of you reading this can't remember when:
~~TV first came out, and everything was in black and white.
~~The moonwalk.
~~Phone booths.
And speaking of phone booths-- how about party lines?  If you don't know what that is, ask your parents, or someone significantly older than you, whom will tell you stories more interesting than you can find on the internet.
And as long as you're asking about that, have them tell you about painting the town red.
Well, enough of that memory lane.

Our dirt road in TN-- Mud road.
Christmas is past, again.  Last year about this time, I was sick and sleeping the winter away.
Then the decision was made to move back home, so here we are.
From this......
....to this:

Still no replacement house yet, but a farm for sure, several different mountain views, cool air, paved roads, and kitty kats.  Four kitty kats.  Miles of paved roads.  Miles and miles of ALL   PAVED   ROADS.  of trees, everywhere.  I even hear them break and crash in the woods at night.  Yes! Trees that fall in the forest at night make a loud noise, even when no one is watching, just in case you were wondering.
So far, a very mild winter, but we are predicted to have snow today.
I'll have my winter, finally!

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