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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Where the Bears Were.....

This is the photo that you get when you see a 250 pound mama black bear and her cub, crossing the road directly in front of you, and you're fumbling with the phone camera, because it's
asleep, and first you have to wake it up, then have to swipe it, then have to hit the camera icon, but since you're not driving, the significant other, who doesn't fool with the phone camera like you do, is going through all the above steps, and just can't quite get it to take a picture fast enough.

But, yeah, there was a mama black bear and cub who crossed the road, right here, in front of us, from left to right.  The baby bear stood up on it's hind legs and they both looked straight at us before they trotted off into the woods, to the right.  
At the curve in the road, like straight ahead about 500 feet, is a residence, so this is not only a forested area, but people live along the road as well.  
This was our first daylight sighting in a long while.....probably won't be the last, but maybe next time, we'll be able to get the photo to prove it!

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