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Monday, January 11, 2010

A Handmade Moment

~I know Christmas is past already, but I wanted to mention this.
"New in Town", the movie, has been out for at least a year now. It's a simple movie, but a touching one.
~The particular scene I want to mention is when Blanche gives Renee Zellweger her Christmas present. Renee's character first gives Blanche money, as a gift. Then Blanche tells her that here, they give presents that are handmade. She gives her a handmade scrapbook. The money seems very unimportant and hollow compared to the scrapbook. There are also references to Jesus without being preachy. I think this is my new favorite Christmas movie!
~It is another example to me that there's nothing better than a gift that's handmade and heartfelt.

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