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Friday, January 8, 2010

Will You Be My Valentine?

Peony #5: Peony as Heidi
Collectors Doll Set
Peony wants you to be her valentine!
~ 11" Peony Doll wearing completely removeable clothing: Vintage black velvet vest, with glass button and ribbon closures, and is lined in the same red fabric as the skirt of the dress; Dress has a bodice and snaps in the back, and features an eyelet apron. The sleeves have hand crocheted edging. She wears pantaloons that have matching hand crocheted edging. She wears a triangle scarf, that can be worn as a headscarf or shawl, depending on the weather.
~ The miniature "Alpine Meadow" quilt is 5 3/8" x 4 3/4", and features the tiny hand stitching around the flowers.
~ Then there's Swanli- Heidi's favorite goat. Swanli is modeled after Saneen goats. She measures approximately 4" high and 4" in length. She stands on her own and is made from a wire armature and cotton. She wears a bell around her neck.
~  a red cotton print bag.

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