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Sunday, January 3, 2010

More of Peony#10

See even More of Peony #10
on the Flickr slideshow above!
~ Peony #10 "Winter Fun"
~ She wears a Lined White Wool Jacket, with handmade Wool Beads, and hand crocheted metallic thread fastners in the front. She also has Suspendered Jodphur Style pants, and a Winter Blue overskirt.
~She wears (fake) fur trimmed outerwear-- a hat, also trimmed with a wool bead, a muff, with a vintage beaded cord, and leather boots.
~There's also a felted wool quilt, with over 90 hand sewn beds, sequins, and metal findings, which is also embroidered with silk floss.
~The winter accessories can be stored in the hatbox, which is trimmed with a vintage earring piece from Dottie Rose, and glitter! The hatbox is entirely handmade --it is not a purchased box!
~She comes packaged in a fun winter flannel print bag, which is also cross stitched on the front.
~How could you resist this cute little face?

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