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Monday, March 8, 2010

Mary Janes Farm Magazine - Our New Favorite

Mary Janes Farm, Vol. 9 #2
Feb-Mar 2010
LOVE the Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe on page 19
We LOVE this magazine!
PeonyStreet rating: 5 Stars!
Ever since Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion magazine stopped being published, we have been looking for something else to tickle our fancy. Home Companion was full of inspiration, beautiful photography, and featured wonderful artists. We have saved every issue. We miss this magazine very much.
Girls, we think we've found a new favorite! Ever since we found this magazine at the Tractor Supply Company store, a couple years ago, we haven't missed an issue. I think it's about time we bought a subscription! It is published by the same company that published Home Companion. It is printed on recyled paper, and is listed for $5.99. Subscriptions are offered in the magazine for $19.95 a year.
Let us tell you what we like about it. The photography is beautiful, there is interesting advertising, and most of all, there is SUBSTANCE. It is a magazine from that smart entreprenur Mary Jane Butters, and is all about organic foods, recycling, reusing, gardening, sewing, quilting, recipes and most fun of all being a Farmgirl! Being a farmgirl is a "conditon of the heart", so you can be a farmgirl no matter where you live!
Reading this magazine is like going back to our Auntie Esther's white country farmhouse with a backporch that looked out over the fields, and had shade from a gigantic oak tree. She always wore an apron, took care of a few chickens and had a garden. She was homespun and homemade, and she had a Singer treadle sewing machine. So pull up a chair and visit with the farmgirls in Mary Jane's magazine. We guarantee you'll get a good feeling from it like we do. Oh yeah! and we've been making and eating the chocolate chip cookies for twice in a row now--they are that good!

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