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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mama's Apron - New Pattern

Mama's Apron
11" wide x 12" long
Mini Quilt or Quilt Block
New pattern from Hailstorm Creek Press! This was supposed to be done for Mother's Day this year, but we are a little late. "Better late than never!" -- my mama always says!
It is designed for Intermediate quilters, and can be made with just two different fat quarters (18" x 22" rectangle of fabric), plus apron fabric. It might be fun to make the apron with a piece of your own mother's fabric, either from her fabric stash, or even from a piece of used clothing.
The fabric in the border is from Fig Tree fabrics-- Allspice Tapestry line. However their new line "Fresh Cottons" would also be a good choice!

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