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Monday, June 7, 2010

Julee Rosso Fresh Start - Cookbook Review

~We are departing from the usual southern style cookbook and visiting Saugatuck, Michigan, where Julee Rosso (Great Good Food and The Silver Palate Cookbook) owns The Wickwood Inn along with her husband, Bill.
~We like this cookbook because it is a new look at cooking foods in a lowfat, but flavorful way. We don't cook like this every day, but just opening the pages and reading the menus, recipes and information about lower fat ingredients is inspiring.
~We also recommend you read through the recipes, and you'll have to make a list of ingredients before you go to the store, because some of these are not everyday things that you'll have in your pantry. There is a page that has a preprinted grocery list in the back, so that is helpful.

This book was published in 1996, so you will have to go to a used book website like Bookfinder to find a copy.
~ We rate this cookbook an 8 out of 10, due to the fact that most of the recipes are on the gourmet side of cooking, and you'll have to buy specifically for the recipe you want to make. Also, we recommend you have some experience in cooking to make these recipes. This is not for a novice cook. We also recommend you make the recipes with the exact ingredients called for. Substitutions don't work.
~ On the other hand, if you want a cookbook with lots of health information and inspiration, this cookbook is a 10.

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