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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Farmgirls Can Can!!

Why Do Farmgirls Can? Because we can!
Washin' the Beans
Gettin' the Jars Hot!
Gettin' the Air Bubbles Out
Salt the Beans Wipe the Jar Top Gettin' the Lid Out of Hot Water> Puttin' Hot Lid on the Jar
> Put on the Screw-On Band Ready to Put in the Pot!
Puttin' Jar in the Hot Pot
Pressure Canner 10 Pounds of Pressure for 25 Minutes Pressure Regulator and Steam Vent
Beans are Canned!

So why can your own food, when you can buy it?? You know where your food is coming from, and as long as you follow all procedures for canning correctly, it will taste good when you are ready to eat it. Canning is a primal urge-- store up food for the winter! You can become self-sufficient.
Consult books by the Ball company or Kerr for detailed instructions on canning procedures and equipment. These pictures don't show or tell everything you need to know. We want to inspire you to preserve your excess garden produce or-- the fruit or vegetables you can get from your local farm markets.

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