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Monday, March 19, 2012

Catching Up.... On Quilts!

I've sewn the top together for the Jan Patek Miami Valley Album Quilt!
It'll look better after it's quilted, which, BTW, I have no clue how to
quilt this, but will come up with something. 
I LOVE IT!  It just warms my heart!
Another Must Have quilt kit arrived this week from Fig Tree Quilts!
I love this line of fabric!
The Fig Tree Fabric is called "California Girl".  It's so pastel
and wonderful, it makes ME feel like a California Girl!
See the Blue colorway?  It's pretty too-- looks like the beach. 
I think that's why they called it "Boardwalk"!
Look here, Honeydews, you can buy directly from
Fig Tree Quilt Company-- Click on the word HERE
to get to their website.  They are the SWEETEST
People to work with.
Now here's what I had to cut this week.  A quilt kit that was on the
backburner.  The pattern is from Cotton Way, called "Slice of Charm".
The white background squares are only 5 inches!  Oh Man!
So guess how big the pieces are???
Tiny.  And I had to cut them by hand using a template- WHEW!
Haven't done that in a LOOOOOONNNNGGGG TIME!
Actually had to use my scissors too!
Had to cut 64 of these shapes, then cut them into four pieces,
which makes:    256 small pieces (for the pies!)
This will be the final result!  I just could not
resist this kit, which was purchased about two years
ago, from Connecting Threads.  This fabric line is
called "Canning Day", which they have a few prints
left on clearance at their website.
This is American-made cotton and I really like it.
They sell it for 4.96 a yard, but it has a nice feel to it. 
It's not as high a thread count as some other quilting fabric,
but it reminds me of stuff my Granny Lil had.
I like it!  Don't be afraid to buy some.
Also at their website, you can use their "Kit Builder",
and you can plug in fabrics into a custom quilt kit,
using their fabrics.  Go and have some fun!
That catches me up on the quilt front for now!

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Karen said...

I like your Miami Valley quilt. I am working on a version of a Miami Valley quilt but not from Jan Patek's pattern.


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