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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Treasures - Worth More Than Money to Me....

"Blue Vase" - painting by moi - circa 1974

Grandfather's ledger - 1930

Blue Vase - on my shelf, where I can see it every day.
Some things are worth more than money, in any amount, to me.
I had a very happy day the other day because
I found some misplaced treasures.
I found my "Blue Vase" painting,
that I painted around 1974.
My mother had this pretty blue vase, which I loved,
and we had some zinnias growing, so I put them
in the vase, and painted it.  I was influenced by the impressionist
painters back then, so I made that background.  I love this little painting.
It brings back good memories, and it makes me happy.
My second treasure is my Swedish-American grandfather's ledger
from the Depression Era.   It is so precious to me.
This is how they made their living- by farming, selling eggs, an occasional calf,
selling apples and produce.  It lists what and how much they paid for all their expenses.
It wasn't easy living, but they lived off the farm.  I love them for that.
Farming is in my blood. 
O happy day!

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