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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


What a pair!  Zinnia #2 on left, #1 on right
With the Balalaika
Peasant scarf
#2's Balalaika with Red maple neck and black walnut body
What a sweetie, eh?!
Pure Whimsy! A Bohemian Free Spirit!

A fall offering: Named after the beautiful wildly colored flower, Zinnia is wearing her brightly colored attire but is prepared for cooler weather with her little Jacket. She wears a Sleeveless Coatdress, fully lined, that closes with three snaps and is decorated with leaf shaped buttons. Her jacket is also fully lined and closes with a button at the top, with a tiny hand-crocheted loop. Of course, she’s wearing Bloomers! They are elasticized at the waist and legs. She wears a Peasant Scarf over her full head of hair. With her Balalaika, she’s getting ready for the Autumn harvest of flower seed, and she’ll be placing them into the Seed Bag strapped across her chest.

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