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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Something New...............Preview Zinnia

We're doll crazy right now.
We've been dying to make this doll since way back when we made Peony #1.
Peony #1
Yes, here she is, Peony #1, our very first little cutsie!  I love her sooo much!  I love her blue fabric head.  (You can read All About Peony by clicking here.)  She's always had bangs, but no hair- until I made her the perfect hairdo...
We've now made a new doll, fashioned after Peony #1, and we're calling her "Zinnia".  She's named after these beautiful, wildly colored flowers.  She's "pure whimsy- and a Bohemian free spirit!"
We're not giving all the details on her yet-- but soon!

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