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Monday, October 26, 2015

Kitty Love

Here's my story:
I used to have outside cats when I was about 6 or 7 years old.  I used to play with them a lot. 
I guess I outgrew them, because, as I got older, like after college age, I really disliked cats.
In fact, you could say I hated them.  They seemed creepy.
I have recently redeemed my self, however.
This little kitten found me.
She came out of the barn one day, and it was immediate
The poor little thing heard my voice and started following me everywhere in the yard.
I picked her up and found she had an eye infection and a cold.
I've given her medicine to get better, and she has.
Her mama kitty showed up too.  Not as friendly, but I could pet her at least.
So I fed them.
I think her sister showed up then.  
And now there is a larger kitten, even more skittish.  I think it's a he because it's a big kitten for it's age.  He's a striped tiger.
All together, it's four cats.
The grey and white kitten is my favorite of course.  She comes running when she hears my voice!
I'm fascinated by these cats.  They are so smart.  I 've truely underestimated cats all these years,
and have really never understood them.
I love watching them.
Now my heart melts when I see them.
Now I understand why people love their pet cats.
Now I understand all the quilts that have cats in them.
I've been struck with the Kitty Love virus.

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