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Monday, September 7, 2009

Dottie Rose

From Bebe: This is my mom, Dottie Rose, and two of her quilts. The quilts were both given to me. The log cabin is the first quilt I quilted, before I knew how to do the rocking stitch with one finger to make small stitches. The flower garden quilt is all sewn by hand, and is not quilted yet.
Dottie Rose is a retired homemaker. She made many things around our house - like curtains and pillows, but she mostly sewed clothes. And not just simple things to wear. She made SUITS and jackets that required tailering. She is a smart cookie, this one!! She taught me to sew - first with needle and thread, then embroidery, then sewing by machine. I remember her teaching me on her lap at the machine.
I spent many hours playing under the fabric bolts in stores and sitting looking at the buttons on cards on the wall. Where ever there was fabric for sale, we went! Dottie Rose is whom I first learned the names of different types of fabric - twill, wool, duck, ticking, woven, cotton, gingham, paisley, eyelet, calico, homespun. . . .
The love for texiles and sewing has never left me! Thank you, mom!

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