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Monday, September 28, 2009

Peony STreet Postbox

Look What Came in the Mail!
(Not all at once, but over the summer.)
Bebe: I've been sick. Dr. said it was the swine flu - H1N1. At least I don't have to get the shot for it now, they said. It's nothing to laugh at. Down in bed for two days, extreme fatique, extreme pain in all major joints, fever, no appetite. In a word: B-A-D. And I'm one of those persons who always washes hands in public bathrooms, never touch the door handles, and uses the alcohol hand stuff after grocery shopping, etc., and avoid crowds. Was not around anyone who was sick to my knowledge. I guess that's the trick of it - you can't tell who's shedding virus! Good luck this flu season, and pray you don't get a bad case of it.
The bright spot is, however, all is better now, and I'm getting to relish what came in the postbox!
Jan Pateks books are wonderful and full of great projects. Want to make them all! http://www.janpatekquilts.com They are always having specials on patterns, books and kits.
Sew Sunny Homestyle by Tone Finnager- she's Norwegian - beautiful things to make! Find book at http://www.amazon.com and search for Tone Finnager.
And of course, my fave - Fig Tree. Oh, my heart sings when I see the colors of their fabric! I am a pastel-ly girl forever - it's closest to my heart. Find at: http://www.figtreequilts.com
If you get on autoship for the Fresh Vintage newsletter, you get a free pattern with each one, and it's shipped out four times a year!

A couple new items will be at PeonySTreet at Etsy soon!

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