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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Me and My Little Friend - Poem

Me and My Little Friend
~Poem by bb~
"What God hath joined together,
let not Man put asunder." Mark 10:9, KJV All my days I was looking up,
reaching towards the sun.
I spread my shade,
moon’s milk I supped.
I was alone but
Contented just to Be.
I thought I was done,
then, perchance,
I spied a bug,
then I was looking down.
To my surprise,
I found you sitting next to me,
all grooved and nutty brown.

I have a tender side, you see.
I’m not as wrinkly as I seem to be.
I will shield you from the sun,
I will shield you from the rain.
You are my little friend,
now sitting in my shade.

And here we are, and so we sit,
- Together -
watching the world go by,
among the rocks and moss,
no human hands have tossed,
and none will rend,
Contented just to Be.

~ Poem and photos copyright 2010 by Bebe

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