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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vintage 1948 Singer Sewing Machine

Vintage 1948 Singer
I have been collecting sewing machines for several years now. My favorites are the vintage Singers. I love sewing on these machines! It seems like no matter how old they are, as long as they're not rusted out, they sew beautifully!! When found, they usually need a little TLC-- cleaning and oiling, maybe a new belt. I "found" this one and it needed a new electric cord, so I had one put on. It also needed a new belt, and a little rubber ring on the "gizmo" that you wind the bobbins with.

I feel you just can't go wrong with these old machines.  This one came  with a straight stitch foot and a couple bobbins-  no manual, but you can still get parts for these-just do a search online.

The tension is great, it makes the best straight stitch you'll ever find. I love sewing on these old machines because I feel like I'm sewing on a piece of history, and feel connected to all the people who've used it before me.

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