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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jan Patek- Miami Valley Album Quilt- Dog Block

Dog Block!
Below is a photo of my open toe applique foot on my Bernina,
in the process of machine appliqueing the dog to the background
fabric. I found the perfect stitch to use is the #3 stitch on my Bernina 180, which they call a "Varilock Stitch". I select this stitch on the machine, and reverse it, so that the "V" swings to the left as it sews. The Varilock stitch swings over to the left to catch the applique, then it swings back to the edge of the applique shape, sews two straight stitches, then swings back to the left for the next "V". If you don't have a stitch like this on your machine, you can also use a plain 'ol zig-zag stitch. Make it narrow and a little long, so that you're not doing a regular heavy line of applique, unless you want that effect.


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