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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jan Patek- Miami Valley Album Quilt- Shoe Block

Shoe Block
Another block done! Looks like pink shamrocks are blooming!
I used the stitch and turn method on the shoe and flower petals, and the freezer paper method on the stems and flower centers.
So where is the "Miami Valley" that this quilt refers to?
It broadly refers to an area surrounding the Great Miami River, and the Little Miami, Mad, and Stillwater Rivers in Southwest Ohio.
Communities include: Dayton, Middletown, Hamilton and Springfield, and other smaller communities.
So- what's so special about this area as it relates to quilts?
Check the following links to find out and see the quilts:
They are described as folk art album quilts. To me, they look like kin to the Baltimore Album quilts- but much simpler and a little less formal.
Hey, while you're in Dayton Ohio, check out the following:
The founder of this guild is Sue Ellen Wassem.
And a wonderful designer is/was a member: Janet Miller.
Have a wonderful week!

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