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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Jesus is Enough.....

Jesus is Enough.....
I want to write you about Jesus,
and how much He can fill your heart,
especially if you feel abandoned,
lonely, or if you feel as though
you have nothing.
I met Him personally,
through the Holy Spirit,
back in February 1978.
There are certain people whom
you’ll come across in life who
just EXUDE Jesus love.
Lester Sumrall, an evangelist,
was one of those people.
I was watching his Saturday morning
program, and I can’t recall all his words now,
but it was such a sincere message.
It was a gentle voice, of how much love
Jesus has for me (and you).
I was a young adult then, living at home
on the farm, between college and a job.
I was really doing some soul searching.
I was sincerely seeking meaning to my life,
and a direction. I felt the Holy Spirit
tugging on my life, all my life it seems,
but I really needed to know Jesus existed.
Well, He showed up!
After watching the program, I took my
camera and went for a walk on our farm.
I knew every inch of that place.
It was cold, it was February. There was
plenty of snow on the ground, but it was
sunny and beautiful.
I walked to one of my favorite places,
the fallen down log cabin where my
dad grew up. There was a shed still
standing there, where I went often
to sit and listen to the birds, and watch the
squirrels in run and play. There were
plenty of black walnut trees there, so
there was always an abundance of nuts
for the squirrels.
I went there, to my special place.
I prayed. I prayed for God to show me
that He really does live and exist.
He Came.
 I heard His voice in my head,
telling me He loves me. And Jesus loves me.
There was a rainbow around the sun that day.
It was beautiful.
My life was never the same since then.
The black and white photo at the top is a picture I took close to that
moment where God spoke to me,
at my Special Place.
From then on, I knew God would never
abandon me. I KNOW He lives. There
is no question. And I know He takes care
of us, no matter where we are or what
circumstance we’re in.

That’s how I know Jesus is Enough.
Christmas is a celebration of His birth.
It’s great to give and get presents at
There’s nothing wrong with
that, I think, as long as everything is
kept in perspective.
When you strip it all down to why we
even have Christmas at all, you too will know

that Jesus is Enough.
Do you have Jesus in your Heart?
Do you know He still lives?
Do you feel Him tugging on your Heart?
He is there. Keep looking, you will

find Him. Keep seeking, keep asking,

Keep Praying. He will show up.
Christmas Blessings to You All!


Painting of my Special Place

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