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Monday, September 7, 2015

It's a Good Thing We Don't Know What's Going to Happen Tomorrow.....

My Best Friend, Stinky
I'm finally resurfacing.  It's been a rough 10 months.
I slept through the winter, which in the south, is pretty short, but it amounted
 to four months of being sick.
Sooooo.....the old man, in his infinite wisdom, says we need to move back to where we have family, in case something happens to one of us, it'll be easier to handle things with some help.  So, where family is, is located further north, but still under the Mason/Dixon,
 where the snow....
...and the buffalo roam.
So we left the "fairy tale farm",
with the dream house....
We had to leave the dusty road behind, as it was making us sick too.
Goodbye, dusty roads!
So, like Isak Dinesen (Karen Blixen), who wrote, "I had a farm in Africa....",
I can write,  "I had a farm in Tennessee....."  and then proceed to tell you all kinds of stories.  Of which I shall, I shall.
But first I must tell you of someone we had to leave behind, not of our own will.
It was Stinky.
He died unexpectedly, and suddenly, of a twisted stomach.  If you don't know the signs, and get to the vet immediately, your pet will die.  And he died.  In my car.  On the way to the vets office.
O, how I cried.  I so wanted him to be on our new farm.
I loved him so.
So the first story is about him.
He came to us as a puppy, via the airlines!
He was a little under the weather, but we brought him up to wellness.
I can not find our bringing home puppy photos.
 He loved water....
 and snow.
 He was the smartest dog I ever had.  
He knew when I was sick, before I knew it.
He wouldn't let me walk one day, he made me so mad.
He sat right in front of me and wouldn't let me go.
So I went back to the house and gave up.  
Two days later, I was in the ER.
He would walk himself around the yard, when I couldn't walk with him.
I always felt safe when I was with him.
My heart broke when he died.  
I felt so helpless. 
I will always miss him.

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