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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sweet Dreams!

Introducing Peony#11
"Sweet Dreams"
Mattress Tag

Confectionary-like Bag Label

Silk Rosette Closure on Crepe Robe
Silk Tie inside Robe
Peony #11 Set
Peony #11's Bed, showing mattress

From Playroom Banter

Slats underneath Bed
Miniature Bunny's Tail
From Playroom Banter
About Peony #11
"Sweet Dreams"
In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness
11" Peony, Soft Cloth Doll
Completely Removeable Clothing: One-Piece Undergarment, Upscarf, and Crepe Robe with Silk Ribbon Rosette Closure;
Miniature Bunny;
Whitewashed Bed with Bedding:
Bedskirt, Mattress and cover, Pillow and Pillowcase and
Silk Rosette Quilt;
Flannel bag.

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