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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

OO- La La! - Beignets!!

I sort of fell in love with New Orleans, back in 1978 to be exact.
The plane I was on had a layover at the New Orleans airport.
I had time on my hands.
I decided to venture into the Big Easy- by myself.
This was back when a young person could do this by themselves,
and really not have to worry about much danger, as long
as you were aware of your surroundings.
I got a cab - I went.
I walked the cobbled narrow sidewalks,
walked past the baudy music,
heard the sights and sounds.
It was fascinating.
I ate at a little French restaurant on a side street.
I could only afford a salad, and it had anchovies in it. 
I didn't even know what they were, so I bit into one and oh
it was awful.
But in those few hours, I was enamored of the city, in all
its sinfulness.

Since then, I've visited the city, never for Mardi Gras, and seem more of what it had to offer.
The raised crypts in the graveyards, the Hurricanes (drink),
the wonderful food, and the river delta.  So much fun!
And I fell in love with Beignets.

Since I can't visit there, I can at least love what I ate there,
and even make it myself.  I made them for the first time over this
past cold weekend.  OH MAN-- they were SOOOO GOOOD!
and so so easy to make.
I kept saying to myself, if people knew how easy they are to make,
they'd make them!!
I tried someone else's recipe, so I have to tweak it and make it mine, and
once I have my own recipe,
I'll share it with you.

By the Way, I am watching my weight.  I've lost a pound so far and
have been able to keep it off for two weeks.  And I've still been able to
eat Beignets and drink my Chicory coffee!
Love ya- will write again soon, hopefully with the recipe and
instructions for you!

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