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Monday, June 19, 2017

Ordinary Days

 I missed posting this on Flag Day, so here it is.
I mostly like the ordinary days of the year, no holidays.
So much less stress and emotion.
 This is why I wear boots.  This is a small corn snake.  It's nonpoisonous.  They do kill rodents.  This is a baby one.  I still don't like snakes.  EWwwwww.
 A mini Flower Garden in a bucket!
 The "escapee".  When I got home one day last week, she was no where to be found.  I looked high and low and even looked with the car in the neighborhood.  After dark, I decided to go back to her kennel, and found her underneath these boards on her deck.  She got under it but couldn't manage to get back out!   I was so happy to see her, and she me.  We made friends again.
 Showing you this deer right outside my pantry window, because she has a belly.  You can't always tell when a female deer is pregnant, because they are so slim, but this is what they look like.  She's next to the cages where my blueberry bushes are.  This area is inundated with deer, and they are not afraid to get in your yard and eat what ya got!
 Here's a mockingbird, chiding me.  I must be close to it's nest.
 Look at this pretty chartreuse green!  The bird nest is probably somewhere in this shrub.
 Peek- a- boo!
 Tangerine Gerbera Daisy
Blooming cactus
 Yes, that's a mole.  Mama Kitty left him on the porch for me.  yay...ewwww.
 A walk in the woods
 The perfect sunset after a rain.  Am I sure I'm not in the great American West somewhere?
This is but a dream, maybe.

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