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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sarah J.

Peony: This is my Sarah J. Bebe says she is the practical one in the family. She says she has her two feet in the ground.
Bebe: Peony! Not IN the ground! She has her two feet ON the ground!
Peony: Okay! . . . but what exactly does that mean?
Bebe: It means she believes in keeping in touch with reality, not forgetting about what it means to live life daily, without your head in the clouds, like us! Like you must cook and clean up -- Every Day!
Peony: Like making my bed, and brushing my teeth?
Bebe: Yes, that's right. Sarah J. is a very "down to earth" woman. She lived a hard life at times. She used to can all her vegetables. Not only that, but she had a garden, a small apple orchard, and she raised chickens. She used to sell the eggs in town, when times were hard. She even midwifed a few times!
Peony: What's a midwife?
Bebe: Someone who helps bring babies into the world.
Peony: Like how you brought me into the world?
Bebe: Sort of, but not quite the same Peony!

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